Sojourn Counseling

Sojourn Counseling Center

With over a decade in private practice, we each believe in offering a direct, compassion-filled approach that is practical. We aim to make therapy a safe place with enough direction to produce real change in the life of our clients. We are each passionate about serving our clients with truth and empathy to make real change last.


An ancient Japanese practice that uses gold to repair broken pottery.

There is something powerful about the work of really dealing with the broken parts of our lives, relationships and stories. When delicate pieces have shattered, the work of precious gold can meld them back together to be stronger and even more valuable than before the break. When the work is complete, we are not afraid to let others see the scars. Not that we wish the fractures on anyone, but the process becomes something that brings so much healing, we want to show what has been made whole and how it became whole, beautiful scars included. We are infused with shining hope, knowing that others can be healed, just like we were.