Teen Counseling

It does not take a professional to recognize that teenage years are challenging.


Teenage years bring many physical, emotional, and relational transitions. Teens are barely out of childhood when they commonly confront issues of self-esteem, bullying, depression, peer or parental pressure, and new anxiety and stress because of growing responsibilities. Some teens may seem moody; others may not. Some teens distance themselves while others lean into their families. Many teens go through new conflicts, experiences, or disorders. Teens face many types of trials and may seem to go through phases as they are trying out new identities.

Young adults and college students also undergo a period of life transition and personal development that may also be marked by confusion, loneliness, anxiety, and pain. This time offers even greater independence and greater responsibility, which can be a lot to handle in the transition to adulthood.

Adolescence into early adulthood is one of the most critical periods to develop beliefs and habits that we carry for the rest of our lives. The hearts of teens and young adults are often misunderstood. When they lack support, acceptance, love, or encouragement, it is difficult for them to find feelings of joy, success and confidence.


There is a root behind every action and emotion of teens. They often feel various pressures from their families, friends, teachers, and communities all the while trying to establish their individual identities.

The brain of a teenager reacts differently to situations than ​​the brain of a child or an adult, making these years tricky to navigate for family members, too. When a teenager begins to physically look like an adult, it is hard to not expect them to act like one, too. Parents may send mixed messages by trying to give their teens more independence but then reverting to treating them like a child. Teens may not yet have the life experience to wisely make certain decisions on their own, but there are situations in which they are also developmentally incapable of understanding a parent’s guidance or motive. These are often years of new experiences and establishing an independent identity.


Jaimee is here to engage the heart of teenagers and young adults. She focuses on helping adolescents and young adults understand the root of their own thoughts and behaviors in a way that offers encouragement and compassion. She walks alongside them without judgement through some of the most challenging years of their lives with the goal of growing their self awareness and confidence.

Additionally, Jaimee helps parents communicate the “why” of various expectations they have of their teenagers (why they have a curfew, why they are not allowed to get a piercing, why they have limits on social media, why family time is important, etc.). She helps parents sort through the confusion and misunderstandings to gain a better perspective of the root of their teenager’s actions.

Teenage years may be challenging, but they can also be the springboard to a responsible, happy, confident adulthood.

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