Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Counseling gives a new perspective that you can use for change.

Real change happens when you feel safe and secure enough to take an honest assessment of your situation. At Sojourn Counseling, that security starts with finding the right therapist to walk alongside you. Sometimes it takes time to make sure you have the right guide for where you want to go and that you are comfortable before diving deep.

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individual counseling

Couples Counseling

The approach to couples’ counseling is unique at Sojourn Counseling. You and your partner will each do a one-on-one sessions with Kevin or Jenni, and then the group meets collectively. The blend of individual and group work helps couples get to the core of issues rapidly, honestly, and accurately. Kevin and Jenni touch base between sessions to ensure that both the individual work and the needs of the relationship have a voice that is being heard.

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Surviving Infidelity

When a bone breaks and then heals properly, it is even stronger where the break happened. Many couples use the devastation of infidelity to remake their relationship so that it is stronger and more fulfilling than before. While infidelity causes untold damage, an even better relationship can be built from the rubble. We are here to help you do that.

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Addiction Counseling

Addictions come in many shapes and sizes, but the core issue is almost always the same. An addict is simply someone trying to meet a legitimate need through illegitimate means. The idea of “just stop” does not help; in fact, it almost always hurts because it devalues the truth behind the addiction.

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Trauma Counseling

The first step is confronting trauma is to find its footprints in your story. You may not see unresolved trauma’s role in causing relational and personal distress, but understanding how trauma shapes our vision and responses allows us to make changes. Our team is trained in multiple trauma therapies such as Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Neurofeedback (Both are less bizarre than they sound!). These are research-based interventions to reduce symptoms associated with trauma, and our staff is trained in both modalities.

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Personality Disorders

Most books on relationships should be required to have a giant asterisk saying “None of this will work if your partner has a personality disorder.” Having a guide that is well-versed in personality disorders can be like a well in a desert. These types of disorders are a game changer, but they do not have to be the end of a relationship. Work can be done to achieve a relationship that works for both partners. Often, couples may be working hard, but their efforts may not be spent in a direction that will serve the relationship well. We can help tackle the mystery and frustration in these relationships.

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Teen Counseling

Teenagers often feel both alone and bombarded with external influences. Their challenges are unique in that they are neither adults nor children, yet they have behaviors and expectations that straddle the line. This is frustrating and confusing for both the teenager and the parent.

Jaimee is here to help teens better understand themselves and the root of their actions and emotions. She has seen how pivotal these years are – and what a head start teens can get by learning about themselves early! Her role is to support, encourage, and challenge young people through their varied experiences. Through counseling, teens can be empowered by gaining self awareness and confidence in the face of their trials.

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