Individual Counseling

Counseling gives a new perspective that you can use for change.


Individual counseling allows a person to discover where they have come from and where they are going. Often, people reach out when they discover that they are in a rut or that their emotions do not seem to match a situation. Perhaps they are feeling depressed, angry, anxious, or overwhelmed even when their circumstances seem like they “should” be manageable. On the opposite end, sometimes people who feel confident in their ability to handle life’s challenges are facing unique circumstances and need some new insight.

Ultimately, anyone seeking personal growth and a more fulfilling life may find use for an unbiased professional’s guidance. A counselor’s role is objective, unlike that of friends and family. A counselor offers honest feedback, new tools, and a roadmap specifically for you. You may need help identifying or changing some patterns in your life, and that starts with finding out where they are rooted.


Everyone hits challenges in life that teach us certain beliefs and ways of coping. These beliefs and coping tools occasionally need to be reexamined! We often pick up patterns earlier in life and only question them when that pattern stops serving us well. That moment is a time to consider counseling. Taking a hard look at our stories will reveal where certain habits took root.

Big life changes may also prompt the need for counseling. There is no need to wait until life is too much to handle alone before reaching out for help. Counseling can help you navigate life’s unexpected twists and turns as well as the most exciting of opportunities.

Trauma resolution may also be necessary to process experiences that were well beyond our ability to cope. We are often unaware of the imprints that trauma has on our lives and interactions. Through therapy, we can process traumatic experiences and undo the negative effects on your life.


True recovery is not just rehabilitation from something; full recovery is to become who we would have been without that diversion. We get to keep the lessons learned from difficult experiences, but we also lose the negative adaptations. A good counselor helps you find the way back to you and the way to connection with others.

We develop a roadmap of where you want to go and discuss tools to help you get there. That may include EMDR or Neurofeedback therapies in the case of trauma, or we may use more traditional talk therapy to help you get on track to a life that feels more whole and meaningful. Each person is unique, so we ensure that your treatment matches your specific needs.

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